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We are physicists, chemists, biologists, and computer scientists, who address pressing questions in molecular biology of the cell signaling in health and disease. We develop computational methods and workflows by combining frameworks of molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, and molecular evolution with multi-resolution experimental data. Current emphasis is on functional lipids in membrane-associated phenomena, protein folding and interactions in complex environments, and plasma membrane cell signaling.

Latest News

4/26/2019: Riya Jain awarded the Dow Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship by the Department of Chemistry!

3/20/2019: Fast pressure-jump simulations and experiments reveal protein dehydration during folding – our exciting collaboration with the Gruebele Lab is published in PNAS!

2/18/2019: The TVP group welcomes biophysics graduate student Kevin Cheng!
2/6/2019: Welcome Riya Jain, our newest undergraduate researcher!
1/17/2019: Welcome Hubiba Ali, our newest undergraduate researcher!
1/15/2019: Lisa Della Ripa, a longtime collaborator and member of the Rienstra group, has passed her Ph.D. defense. Congratulations Dr. Della Ripa!
1/14/2019: Our new office opens in the new Theory Center in the storied Noyes Lab!
11/16/2018: Congrats to Meredith for passing her preliminary exam!
10/15/2018: The TVP group welcomes postdoc Ashley De Lio!

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Come check us out at Illini Fest in Chicago at Park Grill Plaza, Millennium Park! You can (safely!) look at the sun just like our very own Alma Mater

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